Hard Core Cleaning Services in Port of Spain

We are going to get down and dirty for you

Gardening and Landscaping

Need to redo your garden? Plants dying? Need to cut the trees and bring in new plants? Need regular maintenance of your garden? From big trees to small shrubs and even just cutting your grass. We know plants.

Starting price for basic garden cleaning service.

Balcony and Bird Poop Cleaning

Birds poop on your balcony? Pigeons making their nest and laying eggs? Can't use your balcony anymore for even a simple morning coffee. Birds pooping on your clothes? We remove the dirty bird poop for you so you can use your balcony again.

Starting price for most small balconies in Ho Chi Minh

Junk Removal

Need to remove old stuff in your home or office? Old furniture. Old appliances. Moving to another province? Leaving Trinidad and Tobago completely? Have a hoarding problem? Don't worry about it, our team will remove the junk and garbage for you.

For most areas in central Port of Spain with one trip in the truck.

Abandoned building cleaning

Old building? Abandoned building? Ready to use it again? Preparing fo rental? Get all the junk removed, the rooms cleaned, the windows cleaned and the the outside of the building cleaned. We remove dust, dirt, mildew, animals, nesting birds and rats - so you can make use of your building again.

Starting price for most smaller areas in Port of Spain.

Deep Cleaning

If you need a really good cleaning for your Home, Restaurant, Office or anything else, contact Queens Park Cleaning to get it done in Port of Spain.

Starting price depending on the type of job and size of your place.

Outdoor Cleaning

Anything outside your home or business we can clean it. Windows, pressure washing, storefronts, parking lots, Queens Park Cleaning can clean it for you.

Starting price for for most areas in Port of Spain depend on the size of your area.

Cleaning Concierge

Do you need something cleaned, installed or repaired, we will find exactly right right person or company for you in Port of Spain. Stop calling everywhere and wasting time, let Queens Park Cleaning locate the right person for your home, office or factory.

We find a provider, shortlist, negotiate, translate and send them for you.
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